Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Update #8

Getting in and out from under the van is gets old fast. I must have done it over 300 times in the last week.

The fuel tank has been sealed. The POR15 tank sealant is tough stuff, and covers very well. I will pressure test the tank soon, but I don’t expect any leaks. I lined the interior of the tank, and used the remainder to brush the outside of the seams, and all of the bottom.

The AC is 90% installed, and working well. I ended up adding a second fan. The single fan just wasn't cutting it.   The fans are loud though . A bit louder than the Sprinters Aux electric fan. They are not audible inside thankfully, but are noticeable outside. The bottom of my van is jam packed with gear, tanks etc. I was highly limited on the size and placement of a radiator (not in part due to my self-set clearance requirements). Ideally larger radiator(s) would be used.  This would allow much lower speed fans, and less noise. Most excitingly, I can now air condition the inside of the van while working on it!

Here is the radiator mounted. It is on the driver’s side of the battery bank. It is a tight fit, and getting it installed without giving up ground clearance was a pain.

Here is the forward side of the radiator. You can see the pump mounted to the underside of the floor. I still need to relocated the Espar D5 exhaust as it interfered with the radiator.

The electrical is mostly finished. The pump and fans are controlled using a 110V relay driven by the AC units pump output. I might add a thermoswitch for the second fan. This way it will only run when needed.

I used some 4” PVC drain fittings for the short duct run. This was I can install a 60 degree fitting for directing the air flow. I also have a collapsible duct which I will use to route the air flow into the sleeping area.

Up next is probably the Aux fuel tank. I have a ½” blind tank fitting on order. The same goes for a fuel rated 12V solenoid valve. I also have a Carter vane pump on my workbench currently. It looks reversible, I will test it out at some point.

I have at least 10 side projects going concurrently right now. The result? My garage is a disaster zone. I actually had to do a mid-day cleanup because I couldn't see the floor. Sometimes I wonder how my wife puts up with me.

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