Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer update #10, Wait it gets hotter?

Still slaving away, but getting close to mission ready. Progress is slow when we need to take breaks in the shade due to 110F heat index temps.

Fuel tank is plumbed in. The plumbing is as follows.

A vent/return line was added using a blind bulkhead fitting on the right hand aft corner of the tank. This line connects near the top of the aux tank.

The fill/drain line is connected to the bottom of the aux tank. From there it runs to the aft end of the main tank where it connects to the pump and valve. The connection to the main tank is made on the main fuel return line after the fuel cooler coils and thermostat.

Here is the switch for the fuel transfer pump.  I installed a blanking plate on the center console and used a DPDT switch. Power comes from the 12V dash outlet circuit.

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