Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Update #9 - Miscellanea

At this point we have no less than 10 van projects in work. Our garage is a jumbled mess. I am starting to get silent judging stares from Jen. Sooo... It's time to finish some of these items...  I am lucky if I can spend an hour or two on a single project, before having to switch gears on something completely unrelated that needs to happen first.  Order of operations or something like that.

I made up some waterproof mini LED light strips. I am thinking a few under the van for indirect nighttime lighting. A couple under the bed and in the cabinets as well will make digging for items much more pleasant. I sealed the ends of the silicon casing with some automotive gasket maker I had lying around. It bonded to the silicone surprisingly well.

I tackled installing the camber shims this morning. Took about an hour per side. Use Loctite on the bolts.

Prior to the shims the camber was positive ~2.5 degrees. After it was 0.5 degrees. Factory spec is plus/minus 0.75 degrees. The van probably doesn’t need an alignment at this point, but I will do it just to be safe. New tires incoming and all.

I am putting the finishing touches on the under bed enclosure. Hopefully I can close it up soon. I need to get the shower mixers hooked up for the final leak test. This requires cabinets which are still in paint. Which requires filling and sanding. Which needs....etc...  Still lots of work left.

I am so close to wrapping up all the major mechanical systems that I can taste it.  

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