Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Update #4

I have the add-on fuel filters in hand. I am working on possible mounting locations. Looks like the only place with decent room is under the driver’s feet. The right filter is a 10 micron with synthetic water separation media. The left filter is a 3 micron final filter. I looked into centrifugal, and vortex coalescing filters, but finding a unit with the correct flow rate and pressure rating was nearly impossible. Well, if I have 1000$ to spend, maybe...

In order to allow the bed to clear the sidewall on the passenger side the panel needs a relief area. Unfortunately, I made a measuring error and the relief is not tall enough. So I will need to remake this panel.

I installed a new head unit as well. This model is a few years old, as it was retained from our last van. It has HD radio, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity so it meets our needs. I ran 14 gauge wires for 4 speakers. I am not sure where the rear units will be mounted at this point. The install was fairly routine. I wired the unit for constant power so it can be used via a remote with the ignition off.

I also have the galley and fridge test fitted in the van, and the fridge running. All the wiring and fans work. I do have an issue where the fridge will not seat completely. It protrudes about 3/16”.

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