Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Update #7 - The Home Stretch

Here are the replacement subframe bolts with correct pitch. I wanted to get the sprinter off the jack stands ASAP, so I opted for earlier delivery of unplated bolts. These will get several coats of corrosion resistant primer.  Metric hardware over 200mm in length is apparently difficult to source.

Here is the subframe lift spacer installed.   My back still aches thinking about all the bolt torquing.

Here is a shot of the engine mount spacer along with Monstaliner overspray.

While I had the suspension out I took the opportunity to clean and paint the wheel wells. I checked all the bushings and everything was nice and tight. At only 100k miles there really isn't much work to do.  I replaced the shock mounts just because I could.

Here is the strut spacer installed. I put some zinc primer on the hub mating surfaces.

Here are some shots on the ground. The rear lift blocks are not installed yet.  Notice the excessive positive camber.  As the suspension settles some of this will go away.  But correction shims will be needed.  I will install those myself prior to new tires and alignment.

I had a couple hours free on a Sunday afternoon. So I finished insulating the D5 coolant lines. I also ran the vacuum line for the bypass valve. This allow me to reinstall the gray water tank. Which means I can finally install the fridge!  This van is a freaking jigsaw puzzle at this point.  I really hope I don't have to disassemble it any time soon.

We are entering the home stretch, the final straightaway, (insert athletic metaphor here).  Once the cabinets are painted, we can conduct final assembly.  At that point we will most likely start getting our affairs and possessions in order for the exodus from working life.  Soon....

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