Wednesday, June 1, 2016


We hit our preliminary financial goals 2 weeks ago. WOOT! We still need to pay for a few last minute upgrades to the van and a boatload of gear. After we ship the van one or both of us may continue to work on a limited basis. Might as well pad the bottom line as much as possible.

Of course now we can look forward to tons of shopping... Which might literally be the last thing we want to do.

Over the last two weeks we gave the van a shakedown driving all over the place. Got some like camping in, and successfully avoided our day jobs.

First off, we visited the Overland Expo in Arizona. It was a lot of fun. We were tempted by a variety of rigs, some familiar and some new. If you have a quarter million or more burning a hole in your pocket this is the place to be.  We got to talk with some other travelers about our destinations, and see lots of cool gear.

If I had $250k to spare I would have ordered one of these Earth Cruisers.  Well designed rigs with a well rounded configuration.  Of course if I had $250k to spare I wouldn't be the kind of person to buy a Overland rig.

We found some great camping in the national forest nearby.Lots of great deserted camping spots on the service roads.

Of course jen needed a place to hang her hammock.

More details in the next installment.

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