Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer Update #2

We had numerous issues on our trip. As to be expected on a shakedown.

Two of the tires would loose air on the highway. Should be fixed at this point. My frustration with other mechanics/techs has only grown deeper.

The fuel filter fittings leaked a bit. Fixed that one in Missouri.

Our fuel economy was only 15-17 mpg.  Not what we hoped.  Of course tires constantly loosing air, brutal headwinds, and 75mph don't help much either.  Hopefully once we get some more "normal" tanks we can get a better idea of long term mileage.  

The turn signals and AC were having issues. I ended up removing the main fuse block to attempt a repair of the intermittent turn signal issue. It turns out several of the relay contacts in the block were corroded. Though this was not the cause of my issue. Instead the spring/pinch contact for the turn signal relay had a stress crack, and would not firmly grip the relay leg. Some work with the soldering iron had it functioning again. I have a spare FB1 on order just in case.

On our way to Missouri we hit a deer. Minor damage to the front end. The airbox, headlight, and fender panel were all messed up.

I was able to repair the deer damage with just a headlight assembly. I still need to find a wall and level location to adjust the headlight alignment. I am sure it will be off due to the deformation of the lower mount. It’s not perfect, but from 10 feet it isn’t noticeable. Now I have one clear and one yellow headlight. Time to clean up the other one I guess.

I then rewarded myself with a few hours of hammock time.

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