Monday, May 16, 2016

Preparing for the Shakedown

Last minute finishing touches are going well. We are going to make the drive to Overland Expo next week, so the van needs to be more or less functional.

The mattress has been re-laminated, and covers sewn. The buildup is 1” gel cooling memory foam, 2” of high density memory foam, and 4” of high density normal foam. 7” total height. It is very comfortable.

The bench seat cushions are done as well. Looking back, I should have used a higher density foam. Maybe it will get redone in a few years… Maybe.

A temporary table has been made up. I am considering fold out hinges. The goal is to use left-over countertop material.

Slowly getting pulls for the cabinets installed. Jen selected some interesting pieces.

I had a couple of hours free so I knocked out a footrest for the passenger side.

I finished the wiring for the heater bypass valve, so I tested it today on my drive to work. My commute is 12 minutes. From a cold start to parking the van the water tank went from ~60F to over 120F. After work it was still warm enough to shower in. I am hoping at full temp it will stay warm overnight.

Still left on the TO DO list.
Shim bed platform to eliminate rattles
Fix ANNOYING squeaking from the rear door.
Wire up circulation fans (bed and front cabin)
Install switches and wire galley and underbody lights
Install reading lights above bed
Select and mount a small monitor/TV at the foot of the bed
Design/build drawers for the rear access storage
Make curtains and bed sheets
Design/make bug screen for sliding door
Design/build interior shower curtain support
Select and purchase tons of gear and equipment
At least 20 things I have forgotten (probably to save my sanity)

We are close to meeting our financial goals.  Hopefully we can give notice sometime near the end of the  month, and start the process of trimming our possessions and cutting loose.  It has been a long time coming, I can almost taste the open road.  What does that taste like you wonder?  

FREEDOM!!    because, 'MERICA!!

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