Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Update #16

Mid Weekend update.

First up is testing of the roof lights. They work quite well. There is quite a bit of light thrown upwards which is what I wanted. For camping use the underbody lights should be much less blinding.

Next up is tires and alignment (Finally). After much (way too much) consideration I decided on BFG KO2 in the 245/75/R16 Size. These are about an inch taller than the 225/75R16 which are stock on my van (30.5”). There is no rubbing and they clear enough for chains in the back (possibly the front?).

The van is sitting at 15.5" to the bottom of the rocker panels. There is 12.5" of clearance to the bottom of the fuel tank.

With the 2.5-degree Camber shims the van Is sitting at almost exactly zero camber. The toe was off about a third of a degree. So the camber prior to the lift and shims was probably a bit negative. The van is sitting at 0.23 degrees of toe. The spec is plus/minus 0.16. With a full load the wheels will toe out a bit, so hopefully it pull it into spec.

The bedside cabinet is finally closed up. I added a light control switch, USB and 12V power ports for convenient access.

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