Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Update #3

Most of my time has been spent working on plumbing and related goodness recently. First up is the spacer cabinet behind the bed. I opted to use the RH side of this cabinet for ware fill and shower hookups. This method does not obstruct the storage area below. It is tight clearance to fit all the hoses in here. It took a lot of head scratching to work the routing out. I used 3/8” pex tubing. For easy of fitment braided vinyl tubing could also be used. This cabinet will also be receiving 120VAC and 12VDC outlets.

Looking pretty comfortable back here.  I had to resist taking a nap in the sun...

The water filters are hooked up and I pressure tested the water system. No leaks after a 2 hours pressurized!!! I made a guard for the pressure release buttons; I will be making another for the filter bowls.

The shurflow pump is very quiet and with the mounting/hose provisions used, no noticeable vibration or pulsing is present in the lines. I filled the water tank to ¼ no leaks, and the gauge works.

Due to the chance of freezing I purged the system. This is done by opening the dump valve on the water heater and letting the pump run. Because the pump is a diaphragm type it will pump air into the lines. I then opening the faucet/shower and allowed the remaining water to clear. At this point I removed and dumped the filter bowls.

Some of the coolant lines for the Hydronic D5/water heater/engine loop are run.  Soon I will be able to heat water from the engine or the D5, and also preheat the engine if desired.

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