Saturday, May 25, 2013



I woke up after the sun rose and needed to urinate, a customary action in the morning. What wasn’t customary was the nauseousness I was experiencing. I slowly eased myself vertical and took a sip or two of water. When I felt like I had it under control, I made it to the restroom to relieve myself. I had felt like it was fine on the way there, but as I stepped out of the stall, I was suddenly overwhelmed with needing to puke. I immediately turned around and emptied my stomach contents into the bowl. This is literally the first time I have puked since before middle school, 15 years now. Not a pleasant feeling.

Between the occasional feeling of sickness and the constant finger pain, I wasn’t up to much that day. My finger pain had increased since it was stung. On the ride back from the volcano on Thursday, I couldn’t stay standing because using my right hand to hold the pole was impossible. I couldn’t handle opening the pop top. When we were shopping on Friday, I had a spaz-out when my wrapped finger started itching and stinging. Jonathan needs me to make decisions on food, and I am just struggling to keep my sanity. Not a good combination. After the first night of trying to sleep with my swollen finger, I learned I need to keep it elevated to keep the pain under control and to keep from hitting it. So I slept the next night with my hand tied up with a towel hanging from the ceiling.


I guess you can probably imagine that between the painful finger and the off-and-on sickness, I wasn’t up for much on Saturday. I mostly just lazed about in the van, sleeping or watching movies. I did manage to work through the pain to write a few posts for you faithful readers as well.

Jonathan was more productive. He worked on straightening out his door and his window. He also managed to reattach the mirror, although it was no longer powered. He also managed to become a magnet for ants. They were constantly swarming over his shoes while he was working. He came away from the encounter with about 10 bites, I think.


That evening, Jonathan ran into a couple that was was traveling the Pan-American, but from Peru north. They were from England. We had a good time exchanging stories. By then, I was no longer nauseous and my finger wasn’t stinging horribly anymore, especially if I kept it vertical. So I was pretty much flipping people off all the time for the past three days. Then it was bedtime.


  1. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the mention, we returned the favour! :-)
    Enjoy your time in the States and look forward to hearing about your continuing adventures!
    Lucy and Wout

  2. Thanks! It's always great to hear from other travelers. Who knows we might cross paths in mexico sometime. We are back in Rica, and starting our adventure once more.