Thursday, September 8, 2016

Time Crunch, (AKA How to Procrastinate)

Getting down to the wire as we need to move out in 10 days. To this end we are trying to wrap up any projects that require the garage.  At least that's what I tell myself to justify ignoring move-out preparations.

We wanted to use the shower curtain outdoors, so I set four 10-24 riv-nuts in the door. Eye bolts are screwed into the rivnuts. Some rope and 6 cheap carabiners finish it off.

I also just finished up a mega-drawer for the rear storage area.

I am also making a floor mounted table for the passenger seat (when swiveled).

The UPS Fairy also dropped off a present.

Of course now I need to add disconnects for power and bolt a receiver to the front bumper. I really need to tear myself away long enough to start cleaning and packing over 2 years of crap. It is amazing how stuff manages to collect in any free space!

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