Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Almost Moved Out Update

We are loading the van with gear as I type this. The house is 85% boxed up. We will be transporting our storage items to storage soon. One last push left, and all I want too do is take a nap. Sometimes I regret being responsible.

While all this has been going on we managed to squeeze in a few last modifications to the van.
First up was getting the hitch mounted winch provisions worked out. I am going to use Anderson connectors for the winch power. As a plus it will make jump starting a breeze.

The front bumper doesn’t have a receiver, so I bolted one on. Note that I have modified this bumpers attachment provisions to make it quite stout. Obviously if you get crazy it is possible to bend stuff or worse.

Here are Jen’s slip over seat covers. They have ½” of medium density foam laminated to microfiber faux suede. They are held on with Velcro straps and cord, so they can be removed for cleaning if needed. Pretty damn good from where I am sitting.

Here is the forward table installed. I used sequoia table system with a 29” table leg.




This is the front cab curtain. Its primary purpose is to keep heat and AC in the front when driving. It also can be used when privacy is needed and the windshield curtains are too much work.

I bent some steel rod into a track for the slider mosquito net.

The cabinet sliding doors are finished and installed. Some screen door tension clips keep them stable.

I also installed some USB 3.1 compatible charging ports in the center dash console. These beauties can provide 2.4A each.


Anderson power connectors have been mounted front and rear to power the winch. 2 gauge wire is used.

Here is the rear unit with its liquid tight boot.

Here we have the trail ready winch.

I mounted the forward connector under the hood near the battery.

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