Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Update 14: Finish Work!

We are digging into the finishing work in earnest now.  Which means lots of hours for minimal visual change.

Started with covering the ceiling and wall panels. Jen picked out some vinyl wallpaper for this. Lots of brushing and rolling.

I secured the wiring in the over-cab cabinet and added some stiffening ribs. Covers for the wiring and speakers were also made.

The cabinets are finally painted and I mounted the Blum soft-close hinges. These have some hold-closed force. We will see if additional latching is needed (probably).  The hold open and soft close features are really nice.

I installed the bedside cabinet as well. Plumbing is installed. Wires are run, but not connected yet. I have 12V and USB charge ports as well as overhead lighting control. Once I get the forward shower hookup attached I can do a final leak check, and call the water system done! So close...  And I managed to scratch the cabinet somehow... Grrrrr.

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