Sunday, April 21, 2013


We have been steadily heading south over the past week. The changing landscape has been interesting. It was near-desert scenery in Sonora, and then farmlands in Sinaloa. Nayarit was forest and jungle and mountainous, while Jalisco seems a bit drier. Everywhere has had beautiful flowers.


There hasn’t been much to report on our end. We get up when we want, get around when we feel like it, drive, eat and chill. We normally start driving around 11am and drive for 3 hours to our next campsite where we chill for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that normally means it is pretty warm when we drive, which makes the van really warm. The other day when we stopped for lunch, I felt like I was overheating. Fortunately, when we stop it is quite reasonable outside and the van cools off when we can get a breeze through it. This does usually lead us to showers or dunks in the pool or ocean shortly after stopping though.


Besides the heat while driving, the van has been running pretty well for us. Though, two days ago the blinker started sounding like it was dying. When Jonathan signaled I am not sure if it would do its job or not, but it would definitely let forth a mighty gargle-hiss. For a minute in town, it actually completely stopped. So yesterday Jonathan decided to fix it. Fortunately it was quick fix, just jiggling it (or something like that) got it back into shape.


Speaking of yesterday, we stayed at a nice place in BucerĂ­as called Rancho Altarose ( It is owned by a Canadian couple. They were super friendly and hospitable and the location was clean and landscaped. Apparently they do tours with ATVs and horses as well. (I made friends with the horse by offering him a carrot.) I was just happy that they let us change our oil there—finding a place to do it on the side of the road and furthermore to recycle your oil can be annoying. All-in-all, I would recommend them.

I am currently reading The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I am on book 2.

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