Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A few things…

In the last few days passing through Montana and Canada, I have learned a few things. Montanans take great pride in their properties, having nice yards and houses.

Montana can be extremely windy, which makes driving the van awkward.

National Forests are great, offering free camping, views of wildlife, and confusing paths.

Montana has a different type of deer than Kansas and Oklahoma (and my camera has great zoom capabilities). I found out they are Mule Deer.

I listened to Meatloaf’s Paradise from the Dashboard’s Light Medley (classic from my childhood van riding days) two nights ago. Now I really feel like I am on a roadtrip, while Jonathan thought I (sweet, innocent I) was crazy to be able to sing the entire 10 minutes of such an old heathen song. (Thanks, Mom!)

Glacier National Park has incredible views.

US/Canada border at Roosville has rocks on rods.

Canadian rest area bathrooms are the bare necessities, but they flush. No lock. No sink.

Canadian Rockies may be more scenic than the USA’s Rockies.

That is all for now. Peace, hope, and love. :D

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  1. I know that all that music appreciation that I made ya'll listen to would come in handy one day! Love,love ,love the oicures and blogs!I think you caught in the side mirror while taking the picture was pretty neat as well...although it does look more like your hubby because the hands look big!