Tuesday, August 28, 2012

74 Pounds of Joy

On Thursday August 24 at 3:43PM Mountain time, UPS delivered 74 pounds of joy; Chuck’s Transmission had returned from its wayward journey. After several hours under the technician’s knife the poor thing had been revived.  Drawn back from the warm embrace of the abyss by arts unknown to man; it would once more drive the wheels of progress (Chuck’s wheels that is).  
After basking the in the glory of the 10lbs (not a type ten actual pounds) of bubble wrap that the transmission was shipped in, I set immediately to prep the patient for surgery.  A few dozen bolts, some silicone, a gallon of lube, and one bell-housing later it was time to begin the mating.

Transmission – Meet – Engine

After a rather vicarious (and vaguely suggestive) bit of mechanical ballet the whole assembly was maneuvered into place and firmly mated to Chuck’s power plant.  By Friday afternoon I was able to take chuck out for a (rather successful) test drive around the block.
Like a certain famous celebrity says, Chuck’s got 99 problems, but a transmission ain’t one.  To Canada we ride! 

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