Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bon Voyage?!

Well, we are now van-less.  The Yet To Be Named Van (YTBNV) has been delivered to the shipping service.  It will be packed into a container, loaded onto a ship, and delivered to Melbourne Australia.  We are now homeless for 5 weeks or so.  I have my fingers crossed hoping the van and contents arrive unscathed.  Thankfully the odds are on our side, as the vast majority of sea freight arrives in the same condition it departed.

Here is one last shot of YTBNV as we wash it one last time prior to shipping.  My uncle graciously allowed us to use his driveway in the hills above the port.

The view isn't too shabby either. If you look real close you can even see the port cranes in the distance.

Once we have a firm departure date and vessel name we can estimate the arrival time.  Sometime in early January seems likely at this point.

We will be lodging Visa applications shortly, other than that we find ourselves in a holding pattern until the van arrives.  I guess we will have plenty of time to educate ourselves about Australia and New Zealand.

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