Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vagabonds Once More

A quick update.

Jen and I put in our 2 week notices, so we will be out of the office by the beginning of September. Finally! One more month behind this desk and I might have gone insane...

We have 30 days to move out of our house, sell the crap we don't want, and move everything else into storage. I have some offers on free storage locations, but of course they are 3-4 hours away, so we will need to rent/borrow a van/tuck. So we have A LOT of tasks to complete to make this happen.

I am still working on the van of course. I have a final batch of parts inbound, and the finishing touches on curtains, shower, window coverings, and storage compartments are coming together. Hopefully we get this mostly wrapped up before we become vagabonds again.

After that the true challenge of getting the van to Australia begins.

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