Monday, February 22, 2016

Spring Update #1

First up is the Overhead Switch panel.

I do not anticipate adding any more switches at this time; which is good, because I have not room! The farthest left switch reads LED Light Bar, but actual controls the recirculation damper. I also ran wires for backup and side LED light strips. Relays in the electrical cabinet and ran 18-7 wire from the switch bank for driving the relays. I discovered I had my wiring diagram off in regards to my dash splices. So after some switching around all the switches work! I now have headlight triggered (dimmable) backlights on all the switches. In addition I can control recirculation and the LED light bar can be controlled by the bright/dim headlight switch.

I installed a surge protector.  This unit basically just connects to the incoming power in parallel (through a 20A breaker). In the event of a surge it dumps the surge to ground protecting (hopefully) all the very expensive bits. Not bad for $30

At this point nothing more will fit in this cabinet! I am glad I made it bigger than I originally planned.

The galley drawers are coming along well. We decided on 15lb pull soft close slides for the drawers.

We managed to trap a half full paint can inside one of the pantry pull outs…

The cabinet/shelf above the rear doors is mostly together.

I need to work out the details on the inside shower hookups. Once that plumbing is done final assembly can begin. We have the wallpaper as well, so one day we may even start covering wall panels.

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