Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Update - Electrical and Paneling

I am running out of creative names for posts!  So we will have to put up with boring and informative ones.

We got the bench seat fitted.  It was fairly difficult with quite a bit of gymnastics involved.  It just barely squeaked in.

The galley and bench fitment.

All the storage under the bench.

Here is a shot of the roof paneling.  3mm for the center panels and FGRP for the curved sections.  

It took a bit of convincing to get the FGRP panels to conform.  about 300 degrees F is a good temperature for bending.

The beginnings of the electrical nexus.  Inverter, solar controller, relays, fuses, 40lbs of copper...

And we have power!  Still lots of wiring to go though..

Here is the display panel and system control.  So nerdy, mmmm numbers.

 Up Next; Galley outfitting, Wall Paneling, table mounting, and maybe some plumbing?

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