Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Time of Parting

The time has come. After 60,000 miles, countless border crossings, and 5 tires; today I posted Chuck's for sale ad.  I will miss him, but C'est la vie.  Within 4 hours I had a buyer call, after some discussion he decided to pass on Chuck.  His final comment was that I should have a higher asking price!  Something about Volkswagen vehicles inspires loyalty in their owners.  

Why are we selling Chuck?  That subject is going to need its own post.  It has nothing to do with Chuck's road-worthiness.  Instead our needs have changed, don't worry, we haven't yet given up the vagabond dream.  Road-Trip 4 Life!

On the off chance that Chuck's next owner is reading this, the ad is listed below.
TheSamba Ad

For those of you wanting a few parting van shots, here is Chuck all cleaned up and out, ready for his next adventure.

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic here are a few posts to remind you of Chucks long journey. 

We are designing our next home on wheels currently.  (it has yet to be named or procured)  We hope to have a vehicle sometime mid summer, and to start the long planning and conversion process.  If may be a long stretch between posts, so if you haven't, I would suggest following us by email.  Thanks again for reading and following us.  Our goal has always been to inspire others to achieve there goals, and to think outside the box.  

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