Friday, November 1, 2013

Today in Pictures

Fresh from my thumbs of thunder here's some Koreatastic photo-ness.

A little taste of home.  Straight from Louisiana to my South Korean table.  They really like their spice here.

It is very important to know I am not welcome in their ladies room...

I guess they didn't have the Mexicans to inspire the tortilla chip.

I thought this was an air freshener at first.  I wonder what butter fresh would smell like? Delicious I would bet.

The often-imitated-but-never-duplicated American cheeseburger.  And yes, those are pickled peppers on the side.  Almost everything here is served with a pickled something. Jen loves this.

It is formulated to provide fresh and clean...

A little bit of heaven.  This bottle most likely cost more to import than our meal cost to make.  We decimated that bottle.  

Hefty import tariffs on prepared foods make the only cheap beer the local Cass (its just as bad as Nicaraguan beer).  This Heineken was on sale for 9,000 won (about 9$US).

The fabled empty bus.  Even more rare than a pink unicorn.  We have been lucky to see it once since coming here.  On a related note, Koreans produce no body odor.  Though, they do smell slighty of fermented cabbage (kimchi) and garlic.

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