Thursday, September 5, 2013

Garage-Bound Days

While most of the time that we spend camped up in someone’s garage is spent working on Chuck, we do get to do some other things on occasion. This month of August, we had several things on the list.

First was a wedding of one of Jonathan’s college friends. This was one of the reasons why we had hurried back to Tulsa. They had a beautiful wedding in the Philbrook Museum.


Then, the next week, my mother’s family had their annual reunion. We hadn’t realized we would be back and near enough to go, but my grandmother called me up and gave me the details. I talked Jonathan into going with me and I had a grand time. I even got play (several games of) volleyball, which was just icing on the cake.


Voting to kill someone off while playing Mafia.

We occasionally help out around the Luth house. This time around, they were refinishing their fireplace. I decided to help with the sides. I soon became best friends with the tile cutter, which helped me cut the one-inch tiles thinner so they wouldn’t show from the front.


Then, right before we left, Jonathan’s family threw a surprise birthday party for him. I was probably as much excited about his gifts as he was: an HD Radio with satellite tuner and a pepper grinder! Jonathan installed the radio and we were able to listen to commercial-free radio on our travels. It is amazing how much clearer HD Radio is. You can actually hear the individual words! I actually learned the words to songs that I had never been sure what they said. Jonathan really likes the remote feature, which allows for less distraction to change channels and volume while driving.



Before we started off to the West Coast, we decided to give my family a visit. It was hard to say no, since my siblings and parents were all going to be in the same place (hasn’t happened since last Christmas, I think). So, off we went to the lake, where I got to spend time with family. We even managed to go skiing and wakeboarding a bit.



After spending Labor Day weekend with my family, we decided to start heading west with a stop in Sublette to visit my grandparents. They had fattened up my cat so much you would think they were planning on eating her! :D

DSC05413 I  am pretty sure she is twice the weight she was than when we dropped her off there a year ago.


We had a good time with family and are now ready to hit the road traveling again. We only have a month before we have to be back in Kansas for weddings. I have quite the list of places I would like to visit between now and then. So be ready for some more whirlwind traveling and blogging.

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