Saturday, March 9, 2013

Holy Freezer, and Other Cabinetry

Three days after we arrived in Tulsa, after our brief stay in Vegas, we committed Chuck to the crypt, for a hibernation of sorts.  There was much surgery to be done, and besides, it was cold, I hate laying on cold concrete...

The first order of business was unwrapping a pile of parts, Woot! Christmas!  On this years list was.

A TruckFridge TF-65

Brake and Clutch Flex Lines


Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Fan-Tastic Vent 6600

100 Watt Solar Panels

Morningstar Sunsaver Controller 

Once the high of unboxing all the goodness wore off, it was time to get cracking.

After 2 hours of yanking and prying.... Apparently the laminate had bonded between the front and rear cabinets over the last 30 years... 

The old Dometic 182A, before going to its new home in Virginia.

The first step was to separate the bottom and divider panels. A little persuasion with a hammer and wide chisel did the trick. 

I cut the dados from the top and bottom of the divider panel. I then used a variety of tools to cut/trim the front panel by ~3/4" while keeping the step on the edge. 

A slather of glue, some screws, and a fair bit of finagling  results in some semblance of structural cabinetry appearing.  

Ta-Da! TF fitted. Removal of the front mounting flanges is necessary. I used two pieces of aluminum angle to support it from below.  The stock doors still fit. 

Now we have more fridge space, and more cabinet storage.  AT THE SAME TIME.  Sounds like voodoo magic...  Or maybe its the work of aliens....


Now to fill that gaping maw below the TF-65.  There is only one solution for this, the epic powers of Cabinetry!

Of course, One cannot simply make a single cabinet.

And so with the cabinetry completed, we can turn our efforts towards the rest of Chuck's necessities.  Coming up next is solarness to power the TF-65.  

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