Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s

My family does not consist of morning people. My grandparents get up really early, when they need to, but other than that, I am normally the first one up. So, Jonathan and I are normally up first and grab a breakfast that we can make in the room. Then we would have all morning to just chill. Finally about 11am, everyone will start waking up and wanting food.

Tuesday, January 1, my grandma wanted some food, so I took her down the elevator to the “Street of Dreams” on the first floor of the resort. It is a collection of stores and restaurants. We went to Yogurt In, where they served crepes. My grandma got a savory crepe, but it was a bit overwhelming. After she finished, my brother wanted food and came down to meet us. He got himself some Chinese food from the food court.

I wanted to do something with the family other than gamble, so I asked my brother what was interesting about. He suggested the water show at the Bellagio. An hour and a half later, we had my family rounded up (minus my grandpa who didn’t want to go outdoors and my sister who was wandering about with her boyfriend) and started out towards the Bellagio via the monorail which connects several casino resorts. When we arrived at the Bellagio, we wandered about to find the water show, but arrived just as it finished. It would be another 45 minutes before it was displayed again, so we decided to move on and find some food.

DSC02112 The Bellagio had a polar bear made out of flowers!

DSC02109 The Bellagio was overall beautiful and decorated for Christmas still.

This was an experience. By then we were all tired of walking and hungry. However, finding a place that we could all agree on was difficult. Eventually, we decided on Planet Hollywood, but upon entering the building, we could not find the restaurant. We found out it was back up the street a ways at another resort. We finally ended up at P.F. Changs, which was located in the Planet Hollywood edifice. I don’t believe I had ever eaten at one before, but the food was delicious. Afterwards, we were all exhausted and headed back to the Monte Carlo.

By this time, though, my sister and I realized that the only way were going to be able to get everyone to hang out together would be to plan something and tell them to be there (and tell them a time thirty minutes earlier than you need them to arrive). So we worked together from here on out to make sure we spent some quality time with everyone starting on the next day.

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