Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Los Frailes

Originally, we thought that after a day or so here in Los Frailes we would take off for another destination: Santiago or some other spot. However, upon consultation with the dive resort at Cabo Pulmo (who suggested Wednesday would be a nice, less-windy day to snorkel) and a check at our calendars and destinations, we decided we would stick around until Thursday morning in the retired boondocking community of Los Frailes.

The weather and the water here are beautiful. And, there is an underwater canyon that butts up against the beach here. Apparently, it makes for some of the best beach fishing around. Unfortunately, Jonathan and I don’t have poles or the patience for fishing.


Monday was the day of the consultation with the dive resort. We also explored the beach called Los Arbolitos.


We also tried something a little different for dinner: rice and beans burritos. They were actually pretty good despite the simplicity (I normally prefer my burritos with more ingredients, including chicken, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce). Now, you are probably wondering why we haven’t tried this before. Well, refried beans can be troublesome to make, simple enough, but between ingredients, amounts, and space, it just wasn’t something we would make. But last trip to Wal-Mart, we ventured out bought a packaged of refried beans. They were good.

Dinner of Burritos - Rice and Bean
Tuesday, we took out in our kayak along the beach to examine the rocks along the point.



Wednesday, we rose early to try out snorkeling. We decided we would probably get the best for our money and time in the tour. The tour was supposed to be at 9am, so we arrived at 8:45am to get on the list, pay, and get suited up. However, our four tour companions came from Los Cabos in the Dive Resort’s van and arrived at least 30 minutes late. Then it took another 30 minutes to outfit them all. Ironically, when getting equipped, I ended up with a kid-sized flipper, as it was the only one which fit my foot. I wear a size women’s size 8 shoe, but I do have a very narrow and thin foot, and the child size was the only one that would grip my foot, so my toes were sticking out quite a bit.


Our tour itself was good. We visited four places, one of which was a sea lions’ colony. The sea lions were great. Most just lazed about on the rocks, sunning and sleeping. Then, some would rise up and bark at the sky. Occasionally, a few would get into the water and swim underneath you. You weren’t allowed to touch, but still they were a lot of fun. Steer clear of their poo, though. Jonathan saw one on the rock eject a stream of the stuff ten feet out and lasting a second and a half. I saw the aftermath of dusty brown coloring the water.


On our next stop we saw a school of jack (specifically amberjack, if I understood correctly). The school was a mass of fish, each about two feet long, who swam packed together. Their paths were like a large snake coiling itself. They were impressive. Interestingly, their would be a few other types of fish that would come pick at the edges of the mass. And, occasionally you would see a jack swimming upstream through the “current” of fish.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the adventures of the day. My camera is not exactly waterproof, so I didn’t even bring it with us. Oh, and while the resort staff spoke English well, our “Captain” was not fluent in Spanish, so another lady customer and I were the translators. It was kinda fun.

Spanish Words of the Day:
Captain: el capitán
Wind: el viento
Fish: (in water) pez, (out of water) pescado

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